Differentiation vs. Saturation: the power of exclusivity

Differentiation vs. Saturation: the power of exclusivity 1050 669 HARISON PREMIUM CHOCOLATE

In a market where big name brands are creating Travel Retail exclusives, the importance of a travel retail exclusive brand cannot be underestimated.

The confectionery sector is full today with global powerhouse brands which are creating product especially for our market. But we live in an age of hyper-connected shoppers. Brand logos and images are everywhere but the real motivation for the Travel Retail shopper is something special.

Big brands creating new looks will excite shoppers, but it takes something truly unique to inspire. It has already worked in our market. Harison Chocolate is a completely Travel Retail Exclusive Brand. With DFS Abu Dhabi it has surpassed all the global names to become the top chocolate brand with growth of 17% in 2019. But exclusive brands do more than compete, they enhance the market offer. The introduction of Harison Chocolate in Kuwait and Colombo has seen sales across the category increase, and the brand is also growing 25% in Sharjah and 26% in the highly competitive Singapore Travel Retail market.

Travel is about discovery and gifting is about giving something unique, which demonstrates thought and effort. In that reality, a new version of an existing product cannot compete with something completely exclusive.