The Modern Shoppers!!!

The Modern Shoppers!!! 1200 627 HARISON PREMIUM CHOCOLATE

The modern shopper buys products from brands they believe in, one whose story enchants them and whose values they share.

As a result, it has never been more important to tell your story in any way. Travel retail shopper have little time and a lot of choice, so the engagement must be done before they arrive in store.

Harison Chocolate brings together chocolate making expertise from Belgium, Italy and Switzerland to create premium products which are only available in duty free. The brand has taken this message and spread it wide across radio, social media, YouTube and pick-up trucks to ensure our potential shoppers arrive at the airport engaged.

When they look at a travel retail confectionery shelf, they may see global heavy-hitters, but they also see a name they know means premium luxury and exclusivity – and that is something they can believe in.